NetNewsLedger – Statement of Journalistic Standards

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Press Freedom and Governance

Ensuring freedom for the media around the world is a priority. Independent, free and pluralistic media are central to good governance in democracies that are young and old. Free media:

  • can ensure transparency, accountability and the rule of law;
  • promote participation in public and political discourse, and
  • contribute to the fight against poverty.

An independent media sector draws its power from the community it serves and in return empowers that community to be full a partner in the democratic process.

Freedom of information and freedom of expression are the founding principles for open and informed debate. New technology will continue to evolve and allow citizens to further shape their media environments as well as access a plurality of sources. The combination of access to information and citizen participation in media can only contribute to an increased sense of ownership and empowerment.*

Source: The United Nations.

Leadership and Innovation

Our Principles

• Accuracy

NetNewsLedger reporters, editors, columnists and contributors seek out the truth in all matters of public interest. Our team invests our time and skills to learn, understand and clearly explain the facts to our audience. The production techniques we use serve to present the content in a clear and accessible manner.

• Fairness

In our information gathering and reporting, we treat individuals and organizations with openness and respect. We are mindful of their rights. Our goal and aim are to treat everyone we work with to gather news and information even‑handedly and with fairness.

• Balance

NetNewsLedger seeks to contribute to boosting informed debate on issues that matter to people from Thunder Bay and across Northwestern Ontario to all Canadians by reflecting a diversity of opinion. Our content seeks to present a wide range of subject matter and views. We bring in viewpoints from a variety of points of view to accomplish this goal.

On issues of controversy, NetNewsLedger works to ensure that divergent views are reflected respectfully, taking into account their relevance to the debate and how widely held these views are. We also ensure that they are represented over a reasonable period of time.

• Impartiality

NetNewsLedger works to provide professional judgment based on facts and expertise. Our goal is that we do not promote any particular point of view on matters of public debate.

• Integrity

The trust of the public is our most valued asset. We avoid putting ourselves in real or potential conflicts of interest.

This is essential to our credibility.