Mise en place for a pickle recipe. Credit: Copyright 2016 Lynne Curry

New Food Rules Proposed by Gov’t of Canada

OTTAWA – The Government of Canada launched a public consultation on new rules to strengthen food safety. The proposed Safe Food for Canadians Regulations would better protect Canadian families by putting a greater emphasis on preventing food safety risks for all foods imported...

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Raleigh Catering Service

THUNDER BAY – In the recent years, catering has become a highly valued service. Mainly it consists in offering food and beverages for various types of events. If before it was a huge effort to provide everything that was necessary...

Posted 17 January 2017 by
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Beet and rye come together to make this bread. Credit: Copyright 2016 Ellie Markovitch

Bakers Re-discover Rye

By Amy Halloran – (Zester Daily) THUNDER BAY – FOOD – Bakers are falling for rye, using the “it” grain in breads and pastries. Jennifer Lapidus of Carolina Ground, a flour mill in Asheville, North Carolina, ran out of...

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Brigadier-General David Patterson tries out an improvised shelter built by two Canadian Rangers

Scouts Offer Winter Camping Tips

THUNDER BAY – OUTDOORS – Camping is a beloved Canadian pastime, but booking a popular campsite during the peak summer months can be challenging. For more and more families, a great alternative is enjoying camping during the “off” season,...

Posted 10 January 2017 by
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