February 1, 2013 all-day
Weekly on Friday, forever
Gabby's Spuds
642 Franklin St S
Thunder Bay,ON P7E 4V5

THUNDER BAY – Gabby from Gabby’s Spuds shares,┬áPULLED PORK FRIDAY!! ….Garnished with a yummy onion ring,lol! Also serving thick milkshakes, over 25 flavors and peeps still buying in this weather??!! They sure are!!

Also our mushroom and blackbean vegie burgers are getting alot of attention, served with grilled red peppers, oh my!!

Today we introduce our GRILLED SALMON BURGER!!!!! MMMMMMM!!!!

Don’t forget our 25 CENTS cup of coffee from 2 to 4 , Tues to Fri Friends!! You won`t find a better deal!! Only on the corner of Franklin and Walsh!!

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