Scam Artists and Fraud Artists Seek to Separate You From Your Money

Online Fraud

Thunder Bay – NEWS – Once again scammers and fraudsters are seeking to steal from you and your family.

Thunder Bay Police are warning the public about an apparent door-to-door scam that may be targeting local addresses in the city.

TBPS report that on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 the service was made aware of an incident that occurred on September 24, 2020 in which a homeowner received an unsolicited visit at their home by two individuals.

These two individuals claimed to be with a Toronto-based firm that assisted clients in getting rid of invasive contract agreements, and requested an upfront payment of $6,000.

TBPS says that while the firm – Eliminate Contract Consultants Limited (ECC)– is real, further investigation by officers, revealed the individuals making the house call were not associated with ECC.

Police also learned that ECC employees attend households by appointment only.

Police also learned that other residents have been contacted unsolicited by individuals fraudulently claiming to be associated with these kinds of consulting firms.

The Thunder Bay Police Service would like to remind residents to be skeptical of any unsolicited phone calls, emails, or home visits by any company, financial or government institution. You have the right to hang up the phone, delete emails, or close your door.

If you believe the claim may be legitimate, find the contact information of the company or institution they purport to be associated with independently. Then contact the organization to follow-up on the claims.

In this case, some of the known and would-be victims did just that and avoided being defrauded of thousands of dollars.

Never use contact information provided by the suspected fraudster and never rely on your phone’s Caller ID display, which can easily be spoofed.

The Thunder Bay Police Service strongly encourages residents to speak with potentially vulnerable family members and friends about these ongoing scams. Fraudsters are experts at creating a sense of panic, or providing their targets with a too-good-to-be-true opportunity.

If you are concerned about potential scams and want to learn more please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (