The Residences at Secret Bay

The Residences at Secret Bay

The Residences at Secret Bay is a one of a kind project located in Dominica, offering the chance for both vacation home buyers and citizenship investors the chance to purchase property in the country. This real estate project is currently causing a lot of excitement in the industry and is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the low initial investment that is needed in order to get involved.

The other benefits of the programme include a swift citizenship timeline, meaning that investors can gain citizenship faster than other processes, how straight forward the process is and the relaxed travel restrictions, not to mention the high-quality lifestyle.

Already this highly anticipated Caribbean citizenship by investment project has successfully reached the milestone of selling 50% of the villas that have already been built on the island.

Those that invested in the Residences at Secret Bay project when it was just starting out are already beginning to see a return on investment, and are set to receive second returns this month. Both investors and those that are involved in the project are thrilled by its success and this is also encouraging others to become involved.

Currently, the project is the only government-approved real estate project on the island that is offering its luxury homes to both types of potential buyers, another factor that is making it particularly successful. Due to the fact that Dominica is so popular for people looking to buy a vacation home, this widely opens up the opportunity for citizenship investors when it comes to resale, with the project offering unmatched access to this lucrative market.

Already The Residences at Secret Bay are working on building their next phase of villas, which should be complete this year. These properties are no less luxurious than those already built, with elements including a private outdoor pool and rain shower and impressive floor to ceiling glass walls.

It is not only investors and homeowners that are benefiting from this project either, as it’s continued success is also proving to support the Dominica community. During the current Covid-19 crisis, for example, the GEMs family of brands, of which Secret Bay is a part of, has launched an initiative to supply many frontline workers with meals across the island.