Story Behind The Tremendous Success Of Young Entrepreneur, Vance Fundora

Vance Fundora
Vance Fundora

Vance Fundora started his journey from 2016 as a serial entrepreneur, marketer, E-Commerce specialist and an outstanding speaker. Fundora Enterprises is his brain-child that has helped hundreds of brands since its birth to increase their exposure through tailored digital marketing. This agency’s primary target audience was specific consumers who wanted to pay advertisements beside other specific social contents. Vance’s approach covered global clients through SEO and Influencer Marketing. Thus, the entire team gave full efforts to assist in almost all areas of digital marketing.

It was quite evident from a very early stage that Vance will do something extraordinary. Vance’s father was from Havana, Cuba and Mother were from Texas. Vance was a born leader. He took birth and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. From the tender age of 9 years, he did a lot of insignificant jobs like moping, fixing computers, etc. These were his first steps towards entrepreneurship. In later times, little Vance realized that these jobs require more effort for a very little amount. Hence, he started thinking of a better alternative.

Vance started the business of dealing with sneakers. It was an astonishing fact that a high school student earned hundreds of dollars through this business. He understood his strength and took the risk of investing more in the growth of his business. He actually succeeded in his approach. This marked the beginning of a successful businessman.

After high school, Vance attended Texas Tech University to study computer engineering. However, he shifted to the marketing stream due to his curiosity to know more about this wonderful technique. When asked, he replied that he wanted to understand how social media can be used as leverage to scale up a business. After gaining proper knowledge, he launched his digital marketing agency. In 2018, he started drawing a six-figure amount from his business. Gradually, he became a brand for young entrepreneurs, especially in the field of social marketing and digitalization.

Vance uses the social platform to spread awareness among the global population about his agency and the services that it offers. This approach got tremendous response from every corner of this world. 2020 is going to witness his podcast, “Real Talk with Vance Fundora.” Vance, in his every interview, states that one should be willing to take risks and sacrifice anything to attain success. There can be several days when you will be alone. But, remember that one day all these pains will pay the price.

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