How To Improve Productivity in Your Business

How To Improve Productivity in Your Business

Whether you run your own startup company or are the manager of a successful business, one thing that you cannot afford to be is complacent. This means that, if you believe that the level of productivity in your business is declining, then it is time to step in and do something about it.

The lack of productivity could be due to underlying issues within your staff, current work systems, or even your office layout. With that in mind, here are some tips for how you can start to improve productivity in your business.

Invest in Performance Management Software

Sometimes, the reason why there is a lack of productivity is because of poor communication in the workplace. This won’t be intentional, but rather, the result of outdated business software, which makes everyone’s job harder than it needs to be. This means that things are often lost in translation and slows down the whole process. In order to better understand what is going on in your company, you need to invest in a performance management system that can offer you better support and control. A performance management software will help you to measure your company goals and keep track of employee reviews, so everyone knows where they stand and what they are striving for.

If you feel that you are struggling to communicate with your team and make well-informed decisions, then having this software in place will streamline your business effectively.

Better Workplace Environment

The layout of your workplace could be having a detrimental effect on your employees’ productivity, but there are changes you can make that will instantly lift everyone’s mood. For example, if your office has harsh lighting, this can make it difficult for your employees to concentrate, while a lack of light can make them feel tired. By having more natural light in the workplace, this will increase concentration levels and make your employees feel more awake. If you struggle to incorporate more natural light, then try blue-enriched lightbulbs as an alternative; they produce a bluish-white light that reduces sleepiness and eye strain.

Other ways you could improve the work environment could include more indoor plants, comfy seating, and maybe even some new amenities for the kitchen, such as a new coffee machine.

Don’t Micromanage

One of the worst things you can do when trying to increase productivity in your workplace is to micromanage your team. The fact is everyone hates being micromanaged, and this will actually have a negative impact on their productivity. Instead of being motivated, they will feel more stressed by having you constantly leaning over their shoulder.

Don’t make this mistake, and instead, show that you trust your employees to get the job done. If need be, you can set out some targets and a deadline for them, but then you have to leave them to it and only intervene if they ask for assistance.

Encourage Self-Care

When managers are so preoccupied with company figures, they can often unintentionally overlook a more important aspect of their business; their employees’ health. If your business is going to be performing at maximum capacity, then it is going to require the utmost of your entire team. When your team are stressed, they are more likely to burnout and be less productive.

Of course, stress is a natural part of any business and cannot be avoided. However, it can be dealt with correctly as long as you encourage self-care. Your employee’s mental and emotional health is your primary concern, and you need to show this by offering one-to-one meetings with each member of your team. Make yourself available to your employees and show that you care about people, not just numbers.


By putting the above advice into practice, you will see a steady rise in productivity in no time.