Message on Drinking and Driving Not Resonating?

Posted 6 January 2017 by in Featured

Festive R.I.D.E. Program success. Thunder Bay Police report on solid December

Too many drivers seem to be willing to risk it when it comes to impaired driving

THUNDER BAY – The message on drinking and driving appears not to be getting through. Despite many options, from designated drivers, taxi cabs, Operation Red Nose, or not drinking, there was a major increase in the number of drivers charged over the 201602017 Festive Ride program.

Thunder Bay Police 2016/2017 Festive RIDE statistics

The Thunder Bay Police Service 2016/2017 festive RIDE program has concluded for another year with some discouraging statistics. The amount of drivers arrested for driving while impaired or having a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit was 15 individuals this year compared to 10 the previous year.

For the season, the total number of vehicles checked in RIDE programs was 2674. In addition to the 15 drivers arrested for impaired driving and exceeding the legal limit of alcohol in their blood, there were also 9 drivers given a 3 day license suspension for a blood alcohol concentration close to the legal limit and 5 drivers charged with driving while their license was suspended. There were also numerous other Provincial Offence tickets issued for various other Provincial Offences.

All of the 15 drivers who were charged with impaired related criminal offences also had their license suspended for 90 days, their vehicle impounded for 7 days and a date to attend for court and finger prints in the future. This is a steep price to pay for what could have been a ride home from a friend, a call to a cab company or simply choosing not to drink.

Police will continue to conduct RIDE programs periodically throughout the year and are continuously looking for impaired drivers. If you see a possible impaired driver call 911 to report it and if you are going out drinking plan ahead and don’t drive. Together we can make our roads safer for everyone.