Thunder Bay Hydro Recognizes 2015 Retrofit Excellence Awards

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Thunder Bay Hydro

Thunder Bay Hydro Retrofit Winners for 2015

THUNDER BAY – Thunder Bay Hydro recognized four local businesses at its 2015 Retrofit Excellence in Energy Efficiency & Conservation Awards. Each award recipient has made a significant impact on Thunder Bay’s green economy over the past year, demonstrating leadership to save energy by participating in the Thunder Bay Hydro saveONenergy RETROFIT PROGRAM. The conservation program provides incentives for commercial operations to install newer, more energy efficient solutions.

Tim Wilson, Vice-President, Customer and Information Services, of Thunder Bay Hydro stated, “The Retrofit Awards highlight how many Thunder Bay organizations are putting an increased focus on energy conservation. These efforts are a triple win for our community because they help our electricity system, the environment and the wider economy.”

Two new awards have been added to this year’s initiative. The Not-For-Profit Award recognizes one local organization that has exhibited leadership in energy efficiency through the Retrofit Program, while the Electrical Distributor Award is being presented to the distributor that conducted the highest amount of retrofits in the community this year. The recipients of the 2015 Retrofit Excellence in Energy Efficiency & Conservation Awards are as follows:

Best Western PLUS Nor’Wester Hotel & Conference Centre

  • Retrofit Measure:

Interior & Exterior LED Lighting

  • Key Stats:

Saved 72,969 kWh, which translates to 6% annual electricity savings

“As we move forward into the future it’s important we all get involved with the LED lighting. We wanted to brighten up the parking lot and the perimeter of our building so that when guests are arriving they feel safe and are in a welcoming environment,” stated Roberta Sawchyn, General Manager, Best Western PLUS Nor’Wester Hotel and Conference Centre.

Bombardier Transportation in Thunder Bay

  • Retrofit Measure:

Installed commercial high-bay lighting

  • Key Stats:

Payback period for installation is less than one year. Saved 348,998 kWh, which is enough to power 35 homes in Thunder Bay for a year.

“Bombardier Transportation in Thunder Bay is committed to saving energy and this award gives our team a great sense of pride to know we are making a difference and reducing the impact we have on the environment,” said Lindsay Fenton, Director of Technical Services Bombardier Transportation in Thunder Bay.

George Jeffrey Children’s Centre

  • Retrofit Measure:

LED lighting fixtures

  • Key Stats:

Retrofit incentives covered over 35 % of project costs.

“As a children’s entity we are interested in a green environment for our kids in the long-run. The lights we had were aging and some were even burnt out. They were 175 watts and the new lights we installed through the saveONenergy RETROFIT Program are 35 watts. There’s significant savings involved,” commented Tom Walters, Executive Director, George Jeffrey Children’s Centre.

MGM Electric Limited

  • Key Stats:

Secured the most Retrofit projects in 2014

“Lighting is one of the most exciting areas of business right now. Lighting has gone through unbelievable change through the last five years and its continuing to evolve on an on-going basis. Technology is bringing lighting forward in the world. With the development of LED’s and controls there is so much that can be done in a workspace,” explained Tere McDonald, President MGM Electric Limited.

The RETROFIT PROGRAM involves upgrades to high efficiency equipment such as lighting, motors and heating, and for installing new control systems. In 2014 over 100 retrofits were completed in Thunder Bay, saving over 3.9 million kWh. In total $493,000 was paid out in incentives to local participating businesses. “It is exciting to see the increasing adoption of energy efficient solutions by local organizations;” stated Jake Allen, Energy Services Advisor of Thunder Bay Hydro. “Better energy management can help organizations cut costs but in addition to as helping the bottom line, many organizations know that energy efficiency is a substantial business growth opportunity.”

Thunder Bay Hydro Conservation is now seeking 2015 RETROFIT Recruits to participate in the program over the next year.  Allen added “With a large focus on lighting in 2014, we are challenging Thunder Bay businesses to consider upgrading HVAC units, motors, controls, ventilation systems along with refrigeration.”