Thunder Bay Annual Pothole Season is Near!

This is a pothole that formed last summer in Thunder Bay on Brodie Street.

This pothole showed up recently on Brodie Street East.

THUNDER BAY – Living – A sure sign of spring is the return of the pothole. A long, cold winter is hazardous to roads and pavement across Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.

In Thunder Bay, the pothole repair season has not started yet. However as this long winter’s snow continues to recede, and the cycle of melting and freezing starts through spring, the appearance of more potholes will show up.

If you see a pothole in Thunder Bay, or as usually happens, your vehicle hits one, you can assist the City of Thunder Bay in reporting the damages so they can go on the list to get fixed.


Pothole Repair Crew
Repair crew was on site fixing the pothole in less than twenty-four hours