Northwestern Ontario Immigration Portal Re-Designed

8th Annual Northwestern Ontario Immigration Forum

Address at the NOMA Conference

THUNDER BAY – The Northwestern Ontario Immigration Portal is designed to provide accurate and immediate information to the world.

It is a single gateway for Northwestern Ontario to the world.

“We are proud about the size and scope of content,” shared Cathy Woodbeck to a NOMA audience of over 200 people.

There are regional websites for thirty-two communities across Northwestern Ontario.

The focus of the portal is shifting to recruiting healthcare professionals, promotion of career opportunities in skilled trades, and showcasing regional opportunities.

The key message is finding new opportunities in the Northwest.

The website has undergone a complete re-design.

“One of the goals realized has been increased secondary immigration from Toronto, Wnnipeg and Newfoundland,” stated Woodbeck.

There has been a number of changes to the page over the past several years.

 Woodbeck outlined that the site has had 13,829,278 impressions and 94,466 clicks. There are on average 3-4 emails per day that are received. As well there have been 150 serious inquiries on the site.

NWO Immigration Portal
Northwestern Ontario Immigration Portal Growing in interest and exposure.

Moving to Northwestern Ontario is increasingly gaining interest.


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