Thunder Bay Examines Pet Bylaws

Councillor Aldo Ruberto
Councillor Aldo Ruberto

Thunder Bay City Council

Councillor Aldo Ruberto
Councillor Aldo Ruberto

City to Look at Pet ByLaws

THUNDER BAY – Councillor Aldo Ruberto is seeking City Administration to examine what other cities and jurisdictions are doing regarding by-laws on the number of pets, specifically dogs and cats that people can have in their homes and apartments. The Councillor at Large will raise the issue on Monday night at City Council. 

“We are getting reports from residents complaining of people having as many as six dogs and cats in an apartment,” stated Ruberto. “This is presenting problems for neighbours, and it a potential health and safety issue”.

Ruberto is seeking city administration to report back to Council on what is being done in other cities. 

Thunder Bay currently does not have any regulation regarding the number of pets that someone can have in the city.

Thunder Bay Safe from Dangerous Exotic Pets

Thunder Bay does however have restrictions, Ruberto reports on the ownership of exotic animals. “In Thunder Bay one can not legally have dangerous snakes, like boa constrictors or pythons,” shares Ruberto.

Reports this week in Atlantic Canada over a dangerous illegal python killing two young boys have likely put many cities looking to review their by-laws.

Ruberto’s resolution will not impact licences kennels or animal rescues in the city.

Should the resolution pass, City Administration will have a report on the desk of City Council by the end of December.

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