Costco Thunder Bay A Needed Reality?

In three hour and a half hours shoppers can be in Duluth.

In three and a half hours shoppers can be in Duluth.

THUNDER BAY – Editorial – Shopping locally helps the Thunder Bay economy. Some of the major big boxes chain stores in Thunder Bay also bring in shoppers and visitors from out of town to make their purchases. One of the chains that is not in Thunder Bay is Costco.

The massive big box store that features the opportunity for members to stock up and buy in bulk, is not in Thunder Bay.

Often that means, local shoppers head to Duluth to do massive shopping trips at the warehouse in Duluth Minnesota. It is about three and a half hours of drive-time.

A Costco in Thunder Bay would likely keep some shoppers here in Thunder Bay. Wages and benefits paid at Costco are at the level that allows workers to not only survive but thrive. Thunder Bay would be an amazing place for a Costco.

I am not usually a fan of big box stores, but in this case it is a matter of reality overriding ideology.

James Murray

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