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Ken BoshcoffTHUNDER BAY – “Forestry is a substainable industry”, assets Ken Boshcoff. “The current furor over TBaytel charging $2 for paper mailings is misguided,” states Boshcoff, Councillor At Large for the City of Thunder Bay.

“We all know there are legitimate expenses in processing and mailing bills and that’s where the debate should be argued, NOT  as some kind of phoney environmental action!”.

Forestry Matters

“Stamps, envelopes and the labour to stuff envelopes all cost money, and everyone understands that,” explains Boshcoff
“Trees and their products have been proven to be renewable sustainable environmentally-grown and produced, there is no need to continue the myth that somehow we are being better custodians by stopping the use of paper products, ” confirmed Boshcoff.
“As someone who has been in the environmental movement since high school it should be plain to TBaytel that paper is made with more safeguards than many foods, so keep the reasoning for the 2 dollar charge in the cost-saving area not as an ecological solution”.
“We are in the middle of a new awareness of the value of forestry to the earth’s wellbeing so let’s stay on that track,” cricitizing TBaytel’s attempt to defend the fee explained Boshcoff. “Forestry is in a resurgence in the North because whole communities of interests from business, government, education and environmental organizations now realize that good forest management is good for the earth”, concluded the At Large Councillor.

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