Mount McKay Pow Wow Grounds Desecrated

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Mount McKay Pow Wow

This is an image of one of the vehicles that apparently vandalized the Pow Wow Grounds

FORT WILLIAM FIRST NATION – The Pow Wow Grounds have been desecrated. A NetNewsLedger reader shares that today she was out with her eleven year old daughter  and her one year old grandson to see the damages and impact of the flooding. Several caucasian males in trucks were driving around the Pow Wow grounds at Mount Mackay where the annual Pow Wow is held on the July Long Weekend.

The vandals were captured on camera damaging the grounds. 

Vandals Desecrated Mount McKay Pow Wow Grounds

Mount McKay Pow Wow Grounds

Trucks trying to escape after desecrating Pow Wow Grounds

Our source shares that the vandals, once they saw her, realized they might be in trouble. Our reader shares that the trucks surrounded her, and one of the caucasian males in the truck got out of his vehicle and seemed willing to attack her and her family.

Fortunately, she reports the driver thought better of that. 

APS Police were able to apprehend one of the drivers, as he attempted to leave the area.

The other two vehicles remain at large, they reportedly tried leaving the Pow Wow Grounds by another route.

Mount McKay Pow Wow Grounds

In March 2012 the Pow Wow Grounds were also desecrated – Photo by Jim Peter Chicago

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