Flood Watch Issued for Dryden.
Flood Watch Issued

Flood Watch
Flood Watch issued at 12:00EDT May 18 2013

THUNDER BAY – The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority has upgraded the Flood Outlook Statement to a Flood Watch for the Lakehead Region including: The City of Thunder Bay; Municipalities of Neebing; Oliver Paipoonge; Shuniah; and the Townships of O’Connor, Conmee, Gillies and Dorion .

Thunder Bay Mayor Hobbs reports that he is in his office, and ensuring that all needed resources are being rallied for any possible problems.


The Lakehead Region Conservation Authority advises that precipitation will begin today and intensify on Sunday. Rainfall in excess of 50 millimetres is possible on Sunday. Rainfall amounts may be exceeded in the event of thunderstorms.

The public is advised to exercise caution in and around area waterways and remove stored items adjacent to stream banks to higher ground. Parents and caregivers are advised to keep children away from all waterways. It is advised to continue to pay attention to weather forecasts over the Victoria long weekend.

A Flood Watch is issued when the assessed condition s indicate that the potential for flooding exists.

Authority Staff will continue to monitor conditions as part of  its Flood Forecasting and Warning program.

The Flood Watch will remain in effect until Tuesday May 21, 2013 and will be updated as conditions warrant.

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