Earthquake Recorded West of Terrace Bay on Friday

Posted 26 January 2013 by in Local Regional

Map of the earthquake location - NRCan Image

Map of the earthquake location – NRCan Image

THUNDER BAY – A magnitude 2.3 located about 67 km west from Terrace Bay was felt as far away as Nipigon on Friday. The earthquake happened at 01:44:01 EST on Friday.

Natural Resources Canada is asking, if you felt the quake to fill in an online questionnaire at

There was no damages reported as caused by the earth tremor.

Largest earthquakes in the region

Date Magnitude Type Longitude Latitude
1905/07/27 5.6 ML -88.40 47.30
1990/05/06 2.6 MN -85.21 49.08
1999/04/01 2.5 MN -90.29 49.91
2008/09/30 2.5 MN -89.84 48.91
2009/07/27 2.5 MN -88.57 48.85
2010/12/22 3.2 MN -90.28 49.86
2010/12/22 2.5 MN -90.29 49.84
2011/01/01 2.7 MN -90.29 49.85
2011/01/02 2.4 MN -90.30 49.86
2011/08/08 3.0 MN -88.33 50.42
2012/08/31 2.4 MN -90.28 49.86

Earthquakes Canada reports that there is little to be concerned over that the small quake could be a forerunner of a larger quake.

Does a small earthquake mean that a larger earthquake is coming?

“No, except for very rare exceptions. Every year, hundreds of earthquakes occur in Canada. Only a very tiny minority of these precede a larger earthquake.

“Although a large earthquake may be preceded by a foreshock (the Saguenay earthquake of November 1988 is an example), the occurrence of a small earthquake is not in itself a typical sign. Hundreds of small earthquakes occur every year in Canada, whereas major earthquakes have occurred only a few times in this century”.