Stephen Harper won’t meet with Theresa Spence

Posted 27 December 2012 by in Editorial

idlenomore-poster--Aaron-PaquetteTHUNDER BAY – Editorial – Stephen Harper won’t meet with Theresa Spence. There’s no political gain. If he meets with her he admits a weakness or a wrong.

If he doesn’t meet with her he hopes her failed effort will take the wind out of the sails of many of her supporters and dismay FN and Allies enough that they slowly fade away and the whole thing becomes a distant memory. He can mouth some offers of education money or help but in truth it will never materialize.

He also likely believes that more FN will become militant or violent, discrediting the cause. More road blocks will turn the public perception away from FNs. This is the long game, and those who are impatient knock down the good will that is building

If the Harper gov’t can bring out the anger, he wins. And he wins because its simply a numbers game and a PR battle.

Then he can use words like, restraint, fiscally responsible, moderate, prudent, and so on. Blandly pulling the wool over the public’s eye.

This is the same government that has coasted on Paul Martin’s economy and now things are falling apart under severe mismanagement. I have no political affiliation, so I just watch what governments do rather than cheer for a team or ideology.

As for opposition parties, this is a gift wrapped in gold. The longer it plays out the more grist they have for the mills of discontent, the more political capital they build. Some politicians are very good people, but what we’re talking about here first and foremost is political sway and survival.

Politically, there is no benefit to meeting with Theresa Spence, so politically it just won’t happen.

If conscience rears it’s head, or a wife firmly prods, then we might witness a miracle, and I do believe in miracles, so I keep my fingers crossed and hope.

And if the meeting doesn’t occur, I hope people keep their cool, remember their ancestors and their children, and continue to walk in peace.

That’s the best way to honour the sacrifice of Theresa Spence’s sacrifice, and of all the others who fast along with her.

Stay calm, stay peaceful and continue to teach and share. Welcome all allies who want clean water for their families and communities.

Love, gentleness, persistence and respect…against these, politicians have no ammunition. All they can do is make martyrs.

Lose sight of true Warrior values and the cause is lost before the first stone is thrown.

Joy as a template for change. I know it makes me believe.

Aaron Paquette