Idle No More takes message to Intercity Mall in Thunder Bay

Posted 20 December 2012 by in Local Regional

Idle No More Thunder Bay at Intercity Mall

The Round Dance at Thunder Bay’s Intercity Mall brought 100 plus people out to support Idle No More

THUNDER BAY – Idle No More brought the beat of the drum to Intercity Mall in Thunder Bay today. The event, dubbed a Round Dance by local Idle No More organizers brought almost 100 people into the circle as a show of support. The entire food court audience joined into the the dance. The event was planned as a show of support for Chief Theresa Spence the Chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation who is on day nine of a hunger strike.

Many of the participants left the event feeling empowered. The Idle No More movement is gathering many people who have been apolitical up until now. There was a drumming circle, and many hand drums. The drumming echoed throughout the mall.

People from across the mall, hearing the drumming joined into the Round Dance.

On Friday at the Junction of Highway 11-17 and Red River Road in the city at 12PM there is a rally planned.

Idle No More - Hand Drumming at Intercity Mall

Idle No More – Hand Drumming at Intercity Mall

Idle No More events are ramping up on December 21st across Canada with rallies planned in Ottawa where hundreds of people are expected to show up for a rally.

The event in Thunder Bay on Thursday was the third Teach-in event hosted in the city since the Idle No More grassroots events started. A first event was held at Fort William First Nation, a second on the steps of City Hall last Saturday. The next event will be Friday’s roadside rally.

There is also an Idle No More event planned on Friday at the Spirit Garden at Prince Arthur’s Landing at the Marina. For more information view the Events Page.